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People need experienced legal counsel that will help them take control of their futures and protect their assets. At The Lohmeyer Law Office, our lawyer has years of estate administration experience and a commitment to assisting clients throughout Southern Indiana. We can effectively plan, amend and administer your estate and prevent legal problems from affecting the gifts meant for your loved ones. Our attorney will protect your best interests and carry out your wishes after passing.

We Have The Legal Tools To Protect Your Future

From our New Albany office, we work closely with clients and their families to understand their estate planning goals. Many times, our clients are unsure about what exactly they need to protect their future or how their assets should be distributed.

Our attorney will guide you through the entire estate planning process and create a personalized plan that meets your needs. We are knowledgeable counsel for wills and trusts who will create an estate plan that allows for the efficient transfer of your assets. For many estate planning services, we offer flat fees that allow us to help you without any budgetary surprises.

A Skilled Administrator Who Will Take Care Of Your Estate

An estate administrator is a party you appoint to manage your will or trust after passing. Appointing a knowledgeable administrator is crucial because the role requires the person to pay off debts, inventory assets and manage investments in a timely manner while following all state laws.

Our attorney has decades of estate administration experience and a record of favorable results for clients. We will guide your estate through the probate process and defend your best interests if there is a claim brought against the estate. Our attorney will work to get your loved ones their deserved share of your estate.

You Can Talk To Our Lawyer Without Fees

We offer free consultations to discuss your case and answer questions. You can call our office at 812-948-9211 or fill out the email form now.

The Lohmeyer Law Office is a “Debt Relief Agency” under §528 of the new Bankruptcy Code.

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