A Bankruptcy Lawyer For Clients Throughout Southern Indiana

Discharge debts. Or restructure debts. Either way, in most cases we stop lawsuits, garnishments and collection calls the very day your bankruptcy is filed. And in most cases we stop foreclosures, too.

If you can afford your house payments – or could, if you could just get rid of some of those other debts – we will reduce or eliminate those other debts so you can keep your house. If you can afford your car loan – or could, if you could just rid of some of those other debts – we will reduce or eliminate those other debts so you can keep your car. Steve Lohmeyer has over 4 decades of bankruptcy law experience. He is a sympathetic advocate for clients who, due to illness, age, or divorce, or other circumstances beyond their control, find themselves no longer able to pay their debts. If you can afford your living expenses, or your debts, but not both, we will discharge or restructure your debts so you can go back to living.

Debt Relief For Individuals And Families

We help individuals file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies – but unlike other firms we also offer NON-bankruptcy solutions to credit problems. The initial case conference, to figure out which is best for you, is free. If we don’t come up with a solution you like and can afford we shake hands and part friends you owe me nothing.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually discharges credit card debts, medical bills, and other unsecured debts. You can discharge a home loan or a car loan with a Chapter 7 too, but you usually have to surrender the house or the car. And most of our clients can afford their homes and the cars after they get rid of their other debts. We are happy when that happens.

Debt Relief For Businesses

Businesses can discharge debts in Chapter 7 or reorganize debts in Chapter 11. Farmers can reorganize debts in Chapter 12. The initial case conference to figure out which option is best for your business is free. Until you tell us, “I like that. Do that.” you owe me nothing.

Talk To A Skilled Attorney For Free

Our law firm gets debt relief for people in the 15 counties served by the New Albany Bankruptcy Court – Clark, Floyd, and Harrison, Crawford, Orange and Washington, Scott, Jefferson, and Switzerland, Ohio, Dearborn, and Ripley, Jennings, Jackson and Lawrence Counties.

You will not be interviewed, counseled or represented by a paralegal or clerk. Everything from the initial case conference to final court appearance will be handled by Steven S. Lohmeyer, personally; an attorney with 38 years of bankruptcy law experience. Don’t settle for less.

To schedule a free initial consultation with Steve Lohmeyer, call 812-948-9211 or use the email form.

The Lohmeyer Law Office is a “Debt Relief Agency” under §528 of the new Bankruptcy Code.

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