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Filing for bankruptcy is an opportunity for individuals and business owners to clear or reorganize their debts. For homeowners, bankruptcy is a way to stop foreclosure and may allow them to keep their home. Divorces and medical bills are the two leading causes of personal bankruptcy in Indiana and there is no shame in asking for help.

If you cannot afford your debt payments, it is time to call The Lohmeyer Law Office. Our lawyer has over three decades of bankruptcy law experience and is an advocate for clients who are unable to pay their debts. He will efficiently guide you through the bankruptcy process and stop creditor harassment.

We charge flat rates for bankruptcy cases, which include court costs, filing fees and credit counseling. Our New Albany office is only 50 yards away from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana, which serves 15 different counties. People leave our Southern Indiana office with a feeling they have possibly not felt in years — hope.

Bankruptcy Guidance For Individuals And Families

Our law firm helps individuals and families file for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you are having trouble paying the full amount of your debt payments, then you will most likely qualify for bankruptcy. Talking to our lawyer in a free consultation is the best option for determining which bankruptcy filing is the right choice.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings allow you to clear away unsecured debts, such as credit card debt, by showing that you cannot afford payments. This type of filing gives people a chance to wipe away many types of debts and get a fresh start. Chapter 7 filings do require debtees to sell their property except for assets with exemptions such as a home or vehicle.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, the courts will review your living expenses and income to show precisely how much you can afford to pay debtors. The courts will then put the debtor on a monthly payment depending on their expenses and income. To file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy a person’s income and total amount of debt must meet certain limits.

Business Bankruptcy Advocacy

Bankruptcy may be the right option for businesses overburdened with debt. We can guide businesses through restructuring their finances and debts with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. If you are a farm owner or commercial fishing operation, our attorney can review your unique situation and determine if a Chapter 12 bankruptcy filing is possible.

An Advocate For Creditors In Need

Our attorney has a long history of representing reputable creditors collect payments from debtees. We assist businesses and banks with payment collection and can act as their comprehensive legal counsel. Our experience on both sides of a bankruptcy case allows us to give effective legal counsel to every client.

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Our law firm serves clients throughout Southern Indiana, including Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Crawford, Washington and Jefferson counties. To schedule your free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer, call 812-948-9211 or use the email form.

The Lohmeyer Law Office is a “Debt Relief Agency” under §528 of the new Bankruptcy Code.

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